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Tequila Guacamole

A spirited twist to classic guacamole. The delectable tequila marinade yields a flavourful makes a great Tequila Guacamole,  for guests at any fiesta.



¼ cup pickled chile jalapeños, finely chopped

¼ cup pickled carrots, finely chopped

¼ cup white onion,
finely chopped

half lime (juice)

oregano (to taste)

¼ cup vinegar (from the pickled chile jalapeños)

¼ cup tequila

4 fully ripened avocados from Mexico, halved, pitted and peeled

1 Tbsp olive oil


chips or tostadas


Mix the chile jalapeño, carrots, onion, lime juice, oregano, vinegar and tequila; marinate for two minutes.

Coarsely mash avocado with a fork. Add the rest of the ingredients and season with olive oil and salt.

Serve with chips or on tostadas. Serves 8

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