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A Helping Hand for Toronto Beagles

Our friend and colleague Angela Jager and her husband Nick are blessed with the most entertaining and cuddly little beagle named Olive. One of the many things we respect and admire about Angela is that she has committed to helping fundraise and promote the assistance/adoption agency Big On Beagles.


Here’s what she has to say about the dogs and the cause.

Beagles have an insatiable zest for life and are known for following their noses — and hearts — in most situations. Along with soulful eyes and silly grins, they have amiable, even-tempered personalities and rank high on the intelligence scale. Despite these great qualities, their stubborn tenacity combined with a tendency to howl first and think later get these often misunderstood hounds landed in shelters at an alarming rate.

That’s where Big On Beagles comes in: a Toronto-based assistance agency for beagles experiencing troubled times. B.O.B has spent over ten years helping down-on-their-luck beagles with health, weight, and emotional issues find foster and forever homes. Veterinary care for these homeless howlers is expensive, but B.O.B is committed to getting every beagle that enters the program the best care possible, regardless of cost.

Fundraising events like the annual “Beagle Bash for Cash” along with donations — both big and small — make these life-changing efforts possible. In short, B.O.B founder Marna Gale and the rest of the B.O.B team strive to give second chances to dogs that might otherwise be forgotten.

If you have a big heart for hounds, the Big on Beagles community would love to meet you! B.O.B meets frequently in dog parks all over the Toronto & Mississauga area to fundraise, mingle, and watch their dogs play. It’s a great way to meet new people and socialize your dog.


For more information on fostering, adoption and meet-ups, please visit www.bigonbeagles.ca.



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